Lotty Dotty…We Came To Party


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My kid loves dolls, almost as much as she likes to play dress up. So of course when I heard about Lotty Dotty paper doll t-shirts, I knew she would love them. I get tons of stuff here at home as does my husband. We are huge online shoppers and well, in my line of work I am lucky enough to get a nice amount of goodies. When this shirt came in and I told her the package was for her, she screamed!

“A gift for me?”

When she opened it the first thing she did was run to her father to show him her new shirt. She wore it the very next day and has been so excited about it. Basically, the doll on the shirt is a “paper doll” and she comes with two little dresses to change into. Perfect gift for any little girl and with the holidays coming up, this just crossed off a few on my list. I can also buy her “doll” mini outfits to change into. An amazing concept.  What excites your child?


Shirt was c/o Lotty Dotty but I was not obligated nor compensated for this post. 

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