Fab Breast Cancer Awareness Event for Expecting Mothers in NYC


_H9B3068Even though I am back home in Chicago, I still get invited to the most amazing events in Miami and New York City on a regular basis, enough that I’m tempted to fly out at least once a month. Obviously with babies, that just isn’t possible but there is no reason you couldn’t go and have fun for me. So I am passing along the invitation to experience a fabulous day of beauty, fitness and wellness geared towards expecting moms in New York City!

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, two high profile doctors- celebrity Podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal and Urban Wellness Clinic CEO/Chiropractor to the stars Dr. Emily Kiberd, are giving moms an inside look into how to remain fabulous (pre-during-post) pregnancy. 

When: Saturday, October 17th


Location: Highlight Studios | 36 E 30th St. Studio A, New York, NY 10016

RSVP:   http://bit.ly/FabFitMom

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found during pregnancy. Changes in hormones can make the disease grow faster and pregnancy’s effect on the body can make it hard to spot small masses or lumps. This exclusive doctor’s appointment with New York City’s top doctors will bring awareness to common, often missed symptoms and include a panel discussion on various pregnancy topics often not discussed fitness tips, demonstrations and an ask the doctors Q&A.


Easy DIY Leopard Make Up Tutorial

Easy DIY Leopard Make Up Tutorial

So like I have been mentioning on social and yesterday about my crazy busy month, this is one of the posts I did for my project with eBay. It literally took me 5 minutes to create and was insanely easy. But honestly, I think I might do it again for Halloween. My youngest would not stop laughing and running at me every time I meowed. It was the stinkin’ cutest. Check out my super easy how to here

Back on Track

#MaternityStyle | yaniragarza.com

Being a working mom is hard. September, for example, was insane. Between beauty clients, New York, a HUGE project that I just wrapped up with eBay, my work for About (if you don’t know, I write the Maternity Style section) and then kids. I mean, it was draining to say the least. So on October first, the day after all was due and done, I sat on the couch in my pjs all day. I even dropped off my kid at school in my pjs. I contemplated getting my nails done as a reward but I was too tired so I waited until my youngest took a nap and I hit the couch with a bowl of ice cream and napped as well. It was glorious. Here we are x many days later and I didn’t even want to go back to work. Today I cleaned my home because it had become a disaster zone and when I was done I sat down thinking I had nothing left to do, except I hadn’t blogged in like…ever. You guys September killed me and I started thinking about how it will be with three, with two of them 2 and under. I started to panic and then I remembered this woman who I worked with during a brief stint as a freelance artist with YSL (I will forever use the Yves). She was a national artist, glamourous as one would be working for YSL, and she wore the most beautiful heels. She held her fur coat draped over one arm as if it were just a rag. She looked glamourous but her attitude was very casual, extremely laid back. She was a mother to five under 7. This was before I even had my first and was barely toying with the idea of motherhood…possibly. I was shocked and admittedly thought she was insane. But she was amazing. I want to be that amazing but with three, only three. Maybe I will go get my nails done, as a reward and as a way to be glamourous. After all, I bust my behind with two and one on the way right? She is my constant reminder that it can be done, its been done before. What are some ways you remind yourself to get back on track?

Health is in Vogue

Mix Berry Coconut Smoothie

Stop reading in dim light. You are too close to the TV. That phone is going to kill your vision. These are all things my mami said to me almost daily growing up (and still does). But truth is, my vision was always great until after becoming mami myself. Maybe it is the sleepless nights, maybe it is the fact that I spent a lot of time staring at a screen or gasp! Maybe mami was right about the phone. Either way, despite the fact that glasses are so stylish now, here is one way I keep my eyes healthy…blueberries. Tried and true, this “super food” is great at improving and maintaining eye health. Here is the kicker, it is hardly my favorite and instead I have incorporated it into my smoothie routine. Here is my absolute favorite recipe:

Mixed Berry Coconut Smoothie DSC03701

1 Cups Mixed Organic Berries + 1/2 extra Cup Blueberries

1 Cup of Coconut Water (plain water and 2 TBS coconut oil work well also)

1/2 Cup of Vanilla Yogurt

1 TBS Chia Seeds



What are your best tips for taking care of your eyes, inside and out?

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This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Transitions® Optical and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.

Maternity Style: Windy City Live Segment


dress: JcPenney ℅ | shoes: Dolce Vita | necklace: F21

Yesterday, my baby bump made its debut on Windy City Live ! I went to share some game day fashion tips with the Chicago Premium Outlets and honestly, forgot to set up my line up for my all-chica fantasy football league. Oh well. My husband joined me and took me out for lunch after on the river and I still made it in time to pick up my daughter from kindergarten. It was a bit of a busy day but we survived. Today, is another long day, finally packing for New York and playing catch up on work before a family function. Tomorrow, NYC! This #momboss thing is a bit hectic this month. IMG_0866 IMG_0856 IMG_0863

Maternity Style and Cravings

This is a sponsored collaboration with Lucas Candies. All words, thoughts, ideas, and the bravery to try spicy candy was ALL my own.


white dress: Vintage | sunnies: F21 | jewelry: Vintage

The fam and I decided to try a first on Labor Day. After the hubs picked up breakfast while I finished up some work, we went to Las Fiestas Patrias, a huge event in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, our very own Little Mexico. Lucas Candies had invited me to try a new flavor of their popular Mexican candy. My Mexican husband was through the roof and he suffers from severe sweet tooth and lives for Mexican candy. Me? Not so much to be quite honest. I was scared. These candies are spicy but if I learned anything from my two previous pregnancies is that the little Mexican babies inside me have their father’s cravings. Being pregnant again is no different…I needed spice. To my surprise, I liked it. Actually, not really surprising. I always end up liking everything my husband makes me try only I have to fight him beforehand. 


The yellow one was my favorite. It was the sweetest out of the three.


Mr. Garza was enjoying himself too much.

The festival was fun, pony rides for kids, food as far as the eye could see and very colorful music. I will say that in 90 weather, these people did not mind wearing long jeans and flannels. No wonder spicy candy is no big deal, they handle heat like champs. I was embarrassed that I was already out of breath just standing outside 5 minutes in. I also kept cursing myself for not rocking my white Labor Day dress with my tan cowboy boots. EVERYONE had on a pair except for my husband who suffers from a Sperry shoe addiction and my sandal wearing self. Ugh, regrets, it would have been awesome but now I know what to wear with this dress next time. Yes, I will wear it after Labor Day. I hate rules. 


As for the candy, I actually woke up this morning craving the yellow ones. They are hard shelled spice with a soft sweet center and the yellow was for sure mango! It was also the least spicy. The hubs and I brought some home and enjoyed a few while our daughter was in school and our son napped. We simply didn’t want to share. 

Expecting mommas and madres, what are some of your cravings or were your cravings? This last one is still up in the air. 

How to Have a Salon Worthy Pedicure On A Budget

 This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Johnson Baby. All thoughts and ideas are my own. 

How to Have a Salon Worthy Pedicure On A BudgetAdmittedly, I do not get pedicures at a salon very often usually getting one, maybe two a year tops with the exception of when I am pregnant. Swollen feet are not fun and a nice foot rub is sometimes not only necessary but well deserved. But it isn’t that I do not enjoy them, but honestly, now with two kids and one on the way, it is just too time consuming and quite frankly, too expensive. I do like to have nice looking feet and you’ll rarely find my toes unpolished, even during the winter months. It takes me a matter of minutes, minus the foot rub, to get a salon pedicure for pennies. Here is what you’ll need:

How to Have a Salon Worthy Pedicure On A Budget

Clippers, nail file, top coat, base coat, polish, lotion, baby oil, water and socks. 

You are probably wondering where the scrub is or the foot file. You won’t need it, there isn’t time anyway. Instead, I’ve replaced the scrub and file with Johnson’s Baby Oil. Here’s what you do.


Simply cut, file and polish your nails as you would normally. If you have a few minutes after they are fully dry to soak your feet in warm water, please do. I like to do this part at night before bed, once my little ones are out for the night.


Then I use a small amount Johnson’s Baby Oil gel on my feet and ankles while my feet are still damp to seal in the moisture.Then I very generously apply Johnson’s Baby Lotion on top of the oil. Then I cover with socks and go to bed. It may feel a bit weird at first as if your feet are wet but that passes within 5 minutes or so.

How to Have a Salon Worthy Pedicure On A Budget


Without scrubbing or painful scrapping, I wake up with soft, ultra moisturized feet. To make this last, repeat the soak and moisturizing steps every few days until it is time to redo your polish, which for me could mean a month. 

How to Have a Salon Worthy Pedicure On A Budget

What easy beauty tips do you have with Johnson’s Baby Oil? I love to hear to ways to using my everyday products.