3 Nature Inspired Home Accents For Spring and Summer

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Finally, the rain has come in and the weather is getting much nicer. Most of the Spring cleaning is done but the desire to decorate in softer tones and with fresh flowers have kicked in full force. Not everyone wants bright and bold colors, nor is changing the decor to every room possible. So if you are on a tight budget, here are a few natural home accents to freshen up your space for Spring and Summer without going the traditional brightly colored route. 

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Create Inexpensive Art

Large prints are expensive which is probably why the idea of a gallery wall was so popular, you were able to buy smaller less expensive pieces to swap out when ever you’d like. However, creating your own oversized print is very easy by using a shower curtain like these prints by Deny, bring nature into the room in a huge way. Staple the curtain to a large canvas and you have instant oversized art. 

3 Nature Inspired Home Accents For Spring


Add Metal Accents

Whether in furniture or decor, using metals adds so much to a home in an unexpected way this season. Try something as simple as a metal pitcher like this one or glass milk bottles in a metal carrier, to use in place of a vase to hold wild flowers, freshly cut lavender or my favorite, Eucalyptus to add a bit of that “garden” influence to a kitchen. 


3 Nature Inspired Home Accents For Spring
1 | 2 | 3

Create an Herb Garden

If you don’t have a lot of space for an outdoor garden, create a small herb garden in the kitchen by the sink or window sill. My favorites are Basil, Mint, Sage and Thyme. Make it part of the decor placing your herb garden on a decorative serving tray like this one, a fresh mint colored tray or this unique carved style. It is more stylish than planting pottery alone.

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What rooms are you looking to update this season? 

Its The Freakin’ Weekend


image via

And I am going on a date. A few months ago, we met another couple at a wedding and we had a blast. We made plans to get together and time got away from us. Then the holidays hit and then getting ready for our vacation and here we are eight months later. We should be ashamed of ourselves. By we, I mean my husband and I. We really need to do better. So Saturday, we are meeting for sushi and then heading to a piano bar for a few drinks in a suburb 20 minutes from home. I mean, we live that close to this couple. We must do better.  Sunday, I get to hang out with my cousins for brunch in Logan Square so I am really looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend. So while I am away, here are a few things I’ve been reading this week.

Seriously moms, who has time to work out? I do. I’ve been doing mini workouts while I clean, while they eat etc. Read this article that gives you a few mini sessions while you brush your teeth!

We are finally redoing our half bath on the main floor. I decided I could go bold. I’ve bought everything minus the accessories and art. I want something fun like this print.

Last time I was in New York, I almost stayed here but found Brooklyn to be a bit far from everything I had planned and stayed on the Upper West Side instead. I’m seriously considering a weekend away with my husband as I keep going back to the site to swoon over the decor.

See you Monday!


How To Shop Smart


I recently when on a bit of a shopping spree. Nothing major, but I did hit up four different stores and bought 2 bottoms, 1 jumper, a bathing suit, a bra, a dress, two home jars for DIY beauty products, a workout shirt, and 3 tops. And my total was a whooping $150. Pick your jaws up, I’m going to explain. I went to Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, Bloomingdale’s Outlet, and a local consignment shop. At this point you have probably tuned out because it sounds like so much work because there is digging amonsgt the racks but truth is, I was in and out because I know what I am doing. This.Is.Not.A.Game. I love to shop. Period. Here are a few tips for you to shop smart and score great deals as I did. 

Take Your Time

I don’t save a ton of money because I ran in to pick up a pair of pants. I saved money because I dug through clearance racks for brands I know I wear. Yes, even in outlet stores and consignment shops I shop clearance. If you hurry through, you’ll miss something like a $35 DVF dress and a $25 pair of Marc Jacobs trousers, two of my greatest finds to date. 

Do Not Buy Multiples

You found a shirt you like and it fits great so you stock pile like a lot of women do. Then when you go to get dressed you find you have nothing to wear and that you feel that you keep wearing the same thing over and over again. You are. Because you bought more than one. Stop it. Stop it right now. 

Try PreLoved

My mother use to say that when she was a stay at home mom, she only shopped thrift stores for herself. In college, I shopped thrift because I went to an art school and that is just what you did. Now I shop thrift, eBay and consignment shops. I recently scored a $7 genuine leather pencil skirt at a local thrift because the sales people thought it was pleather. A few years ago, I bought a vintage fur coat for $25 that I wore a few winter seasons and then sold on eBay for $300, all because someone didn’t think it was real. Moral of the story, take your time and hunt. It is so worth it. 

Sign Up

There are always sales at outlets. You just won’t know about them unless you are in the know. It is the pits to have your inbox filled with junk about special sales daily but if you have a favorite designer outlet near you that you know you’ll frequent, it is worth it to sign up for their sales. How else could you score a French Connection bandage dress for $30? There is nothing better than knowing that there is a 50% off sale…on all clearance items. Look, I just got goose bumps. 


Bonjour to Stages of #Amazinghood

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and GIVEAWAY in collaboration with DiMe Media and Dreft. Ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep this site running. 

#Amazinghood Family Moments Dreft2 Dreft1

My family and I at the French Market downtown Chicago. We miss Paris so much, this is as close as we can get to it for a bit.

Babies grow so fast. My daughter just graduated from Pre-K and my son, now 16 months, is climbing over baby gates. We’ve been lucky to travel with these two recently to Paris and Barcelona. Meanwhile, I’ve been sitting here missing the baby stage wondering if one last baby is possible. Some days, I really think I do want another but most days, I’m so done. We are not outnumbered and we can travel with these two and we have fun. One thing is for sure, laundry loads just seem to get larger the bigger they grow and I miss the tiny loads that smelled of heaven. But I’m up to my ears in laundry, my laundry room is nowhere near finished, we’ve bought all our materials but have yet to begin construction and the loads are spilling into the family room. Mainly because we seem to go back and forth with winter clothes and summer clothes and the loads are insanely large. Thank you crazy weather. Laundry day is the worse day of the week right now. Period. By the time I am done with their clothes, I have to start on ours and it seems like just too much. So I’ve cheated this week, I washed everything together and for a husband who is obsessed with scents, it turned out perfectly. 

Babies go through a lot of changes within their first few years, leading to different needs for different life stages – especially when it comes to their laundry. Whether parents want to swaddle their newborn in fabric washed in gentle, hypoallergenic Dreft Newborn detergent; gently tackle tough stains while developing babies explore their world with Dreft’s NEW hypoallergenic Active Baby formula; or experience that delicious, nostalgic baby scent with NEW Dreft Blissfulls scent-boosting beads – Dreft is there for every amazing step of the way.

While the new Dreft line has a Newborn product especially for little ones, I’ve been using the new Dreft Active Baby for my messy one and his messy older sister. They have yet to meet a mud puddle they didn’t love and luckily this removes 99% of stains, gently. Then since my husband is now addicted to that baby scent, though he is officially done after two also, I’ve tried the new Dreft Blissfuls in-wash scent boosters. Safe on all fabrics, these beads help bring back that nostalgic, amazing baby scent with every wash and I can sit back and still enjoy that nostalgic scent of…yep…heaven.

Once we are done with our laundry room and the season decides which one it wants to be, I am sure it will get easier and I may sit here and revisit the idea of another baby. Until then, I’ll enjoy hanging out with my little ones come rain or shine, hot or cold. And that to me is simply amazing.

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Dressing for a Cool Weathered Spring

DSC03029 DSC03009 DSC03007 Dressing for a Cool Weathered Spring

sweater/pants: Matilda Jane | shoes: Nine West | lips: Cruella Nars

So earlier this month when I was talking about perfect curls with you, I was also preparing an outdoor brunch that day, when our party was rained on. Unfortunately, the day started out beautifully but with cold winds, and then rain. It was going to be a cold spring. Even though the last few days have been insanely warm, the rest of this week will be what I like to call, sweater weather. Sweater weather is warm enough for sandals, possibly baring your legs but you definitely need a sweater weather a  cardigan or a pullover. I’m obsessed with this oversized pull over from Matilda Jane which you will see me wearing everyday come fall. It is heavy but so nice. Also if you follow me on FB, you know about my addiction to soft drawstring pants. These are my latest, also from Matilda Jane, and you couldn’t pay me to take them off. They look like denim but feel like pjs. Great for days that I am working from home but have to run out for a quick errand, you’ll catch me at Farmer’s Markets wearing them on the weekend, and they also make the perfect travel pants. Basically, you’ll have to peel them off of me soon.

What is your go-to for chillier spring days? 

3 Must Haves for an Easy Wardrobe

3 Must Haves for an Easy Wardrobe

3 Must Haves for an Easy Wardrobe 3 Must Haves for an Easy Wardrobe

I play favorites with my wardrobe. There are certain pieces you can count on to go with almost anything. So when I decided at last minute to attend the opening of Shoes of Prey at Nordstrom Oakbrook last week, it should have taken me a lot longer than 10 minutes to get ready. But I was armed with my basics and off I went. I don’t buy clothes to photograph on this blog, I wear and on repeat my favorite pieces. Here are three of my staple pieces I’m still wearing this spring.

Chambray Shirt

I’m sure everyone is so tired of this trend but the truth is that is works with everything and so I cannot justify putting it away. I did hide it for a while because I was wearing it more than a couple of times in a week. I found it and now it is back.

Statement Necklace

Yet another overplayed trend but when you are in a rush and throw on a basic t-shirt dress or a button up, a statement piece really does make a simple outfit, like my chambray shirt and shorts that day, look a bit more thought out even though I didn’t even look in the mirror before leaving my house.

Neutral Heels

I have several pairs that I consider my neutral heels. My favorite, as you’ve seen a million times on this blog, are these blush toned heels. I don’t buy expensive shoes to sit in my closet, I get my money’s worth. Because of the color, I’ve been able to really get some great miles on these heels.

Try these great options for under $100.


Shirt | Necklace | Shoes

 PS. Today my baby big girl graduates from Pre-School. Pardon the radio silence on social, I am emotional today. 

Mineral Makeup: Good for You, Good for Your Wallet

Mineral Fusion Makeup

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