The Little White Dress


dress: Dirty Thirty | shoes: Shoe Dazzle | sunnies: Under Armour | lip: Berry Haute/Revlon | Shadow: My Mother/Babysitter/Photographer/Awesome Sauce ;)

IMG_0083 The Little White Dress #OOTD IMG_0080 IMG_0074

It has been a while since I’ve done an outfit post. You all know, I tend to recycle what I have in my closet. Of course, I usually stick to the basics. While that to me is true style, it doesn’t make for a fun style blog. With that said, I found some amazingly affordable dresses at Dirty Thirty, and online shop based in LA. The best part, the colors were my basics, black dresses, white dresses and if I cared to step out in a bit of color, red. Don’t worry, you’ll see those too. But I really wanted you to see my favorite piece. As a mom it is really hard to wear white but this dress was simply too lovely to pass up and who isn’t looking for the perfect little dress this season. 

The New America

Today, I was planning on posting a long overdue outfit post on the cutest and budget friendly dresses. This week, I planned on discussing my attempt at a capsule wardrobe. But there is too much on my mind. Considering my topics are mainly beauty and style, this may cause me to lose a few of you as I’ve lost a few on social media for my open views on current events. It may anger some PR people because they are trying to work with me and may not like what I have to say. The thing is, I am a mother, first and foremost. The things going on in our nation now will affect them later and as a mother, I must join in on taking a stand and making a change. I have a platform and what good is having a voice if some prefer it not be heard. I’d like to start with a story. 

My husband and I are hard working and affluent Latinos. We own our own home and drive foreign cars. Recently, we were fortunate enough to spend two weeks in Paris and Barcelona with our two kids. However, despite all this, I’ve been told, more than once to go back to the ghetto where I belong, to get a job and stop mooching off the government, I’ve been told I must be an illegal (even though I am Puerto Rican, check your history) or my family must be because of my name. Just two weeks ago, in line at Jewel waiting to buy a $8 gallon of organic milk ( yes, I know that is insane but it was late and it is nearby) when the overly friendly cashier who was enjoying her conversation with the man in front of me, looked at me and went silent. She barely muttered a hello and when the lady behind me came up, the cashier was overly friendly with her hellos and how are yous once again. She practically threw the receipt at me without even glancing my way. I thought I was making it up but the bagger noticed and tried to make up for it. Despite being able to afford such a ridiculously priced gallon of milk, I was still not good enough for the cashier at Jewel. Despite our affluence, I was still beneath her.

This is not an isolated incident either. If I were to list them all and all the names I have been called, I could start a new blog. So when Donald Trump made derogatory comments about Mexicans, I understood their pain, and as a Latina spoke out. Let it be clear, no one is arguing nor discussing reform, simply fighting the words he chose in describing ALL Mexicans. As a mother to children who are half Mexican, well imagine. It has incited many to come out publicly in their hatred, read the comments in most articles and you will understand. If I were a foreigner reading that, I would think white America hates all Latinos and people of color. But it isn’t true, I live here and despite all of my horrible experiences, I have so many wonderful ones that overshadow those. I have great relationships with people of all races and know that the majority are just like them, amazing people wanting a better future for all who work hard for it. They understand that despite the media’s lack of reporting, that the seven black churches that have been burned in the week following the AME shooting is a result of racism and are disgusted by it. This isn’t the work of true Americans, this is the work of cowards who think this land is only theirs but it isn’t. It is mine, it is yours and it belongs to our children. So while you are browsing for pretty things on Pinterest (failing like me in replicating them), and browsing on Facebook, take a moment to tell those that do not understand why we must continue to discuss the issues of racism. It is alive and well to those that experience it, just because you do not, does not mean it does not exist. If we acknowledge it, we can change it and we can heal. Hopefully, one day when my daughter is off at the grocery store picking up a gallon of milk, the cashier smiles at her and says hello just as upbeat as she would be with the man before her and the lady after. 

Tomorrow, we can go back to our regularly scheduled program. See you then New America. 

How to Wear a Little Black Dress in the Summer

This post was originally published in July 2014. 

How to Wear a Little Black Dress in Summer Little Black Dress 2 little black dress3 How to Wear a Little Black Dress in the SummerLittle black dress2

Dune London Shoes

 dress: Urban Outfitters (older) | shoes: ℅ Dune London | sunnies: Target | cuff: gift

lips: Bobbi Brown Orange | nails: Rimmel London Hot Chili Pepper 

I love a good little black dress and the feeling of sexy one can give you. This one has been sitting in my closet for a while so when the weather got warm, I figured the best way to wear a black dress in the summer is by adding a bold lip. 

Flower Child and Summer Style

Flower Child and Summer Style

dress: Target | shoes: Old Navy | headband:Mia Beauty 

I don’t do “photo shoots” with my daughter but she asks for them. She grabs my phone and takes selfies. I find them days later while lying in bed and going through my phone. Every time a package comes in for me she gets bummed that she never gets anything so when this Mia Beauty Flashion Flowers Headband came in the mail, I told her it was for her. She hasn’t taken it off since. I love going into her room at night to find her asleep with this on and the lights from the headband flickering in the night.

DSC03499 DSC03506 DSC03509 DSC03511 DSC03521

The Playroom Makeover (Before)


Playroom Makeover (Before)

Door to my kids’ playroom and one of a million ugly brown doors all over the house. Talk about dated huh? 

I have to explain the radio silence. So about 7 or so weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that my new indoor pool was finally in! Whomp, really our basement was just flooded. Our sump pump failed and so did the back up. I cried as in our already finished basement is not only my home office but my children’s play room. Toys, books, clothes and even my wedding dress, covered in water. It has been out of commission ever since. So we called the insurance and they sent people to clean it out. It took a few days but they dried everything out, including the walls and assessed the damage. The doors, the baseboards and the bathroom cabinet/sink had to be replaced. There were tears and a few swear words. What wasn’t to be replaced according to the insurance company was the carpet. Um, hello? Mold? They said there was none but my ultra sensitive nose smelled that now dry basement and thought wet dog. I work down there, my kids play down there and no, that carpet was not staying even if we have to do it ourselves. In the meantime, we put in a Venta Airwasher. It is the best large room humidifier and air purifier on the market and capture more allergens than anything else out on the market. We got the LW45 model for areas up to 800 square feet. It not only cleans the air, it is also a humidifier. Naturally, my babies are my priority so I put it in the playroom while we start on all the work. 


We had a futon in there and the rest of the toys are now in the garage. It has been over a month.DSC03533

The corner of the playroom and highlighting the annoying blue that was here when we moved in. 

Playroom Makeover (Before)

Our new air washer cleaning up the air the insurance guys swore was normal. Pfft.

Playroom Makeover (Before)

The closet in the playroom. I know this brown wood is ALL going. It was all over the house. At least upstairs we’ve already replaced all the windows. 

We hired people that quoted us an amazing price to do the doors, frames, baseboards and floors but on their start date, went back on the floors. They are no longer working here and didn’t finish the frames or even touch the baseboards. It is beyond frustrating but Eddie and I are excited to finish the work ourselves. We started ripping out the carpet and in one area found…dampness. Ugh. We will carve out a bit of the drywall to see what is behind there. Wish us luck. I knew that carpet had to go. I am a mom…with my first pregnancy came an ultra sensitive nose and I knew something was up. But never trust a man, rather an insurance man, to do a woman’s job. Thank goodness for the air washer or that mess down there would have been worse. I hope you guys follow along as we slowly redo our 1980’s style home.


Our Dream Vacation Home

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NauticaforDad


Dreaming of A Beach Vacation Home

The marina in Barcelona

In 2006, my husband and I took a trip to Puerto Rico to visit my family who lives on the island. We spent four days alone in Old San Juan enjoying delicious coffee, white sand beaches and cobblestone streets. My husband said that one day, when we retire, we would have a beach house. I am not one for beaches but the cobblestone streets and the culture surrounding us was enough to sell me. We would work hard and we would live right here on the beach, or anywhere near a beach. This is when we had resigned to ever having kids after five heartbreaking miscarriages.

Two months later, we were in an ultrasound room hearing our first heartbeat. It sounded better than any waves we could ever hear. Since then, we’ve enjoyed the beached of the Dominican Republic with our daughter, Mexico while two months pregnant with our son, and the beautiful beach views in Barcelona with both of our kids. We never thought we would get here and are always amazed when we sit down and reflect how different our lives are now. I’ve left my dream job as an agency signed wardrobe stylist to enjoy the flexibility that comes with writing so I can raise our babies. My husband, has been my rock, my anchor in all of this, support me along the way so that we can enjoy these moments better. This Father’s Day, like most weekends, we plan on enjoying those moments just relaxing, playing with our kids and planning the day that we can sit on our patio, enjoying delicious coffee, watching the waves in the distance in the small colorful house at the end of the cobblestone street. 

Unknown2Walking the streets of Barcelona


Daddy’s girl

Because of his love of the ocean, the beach and his love of rich life experiences, this year I’ve been inspired to give my love the Nautica Life Gift Set that I picked up at Macy’s.  


Inspired by water, and designed to “outfit the well-lived life”, this set has all the meaning that sums up the man that gave me life and that has allowed us to live it well. Want to thank that man in your life? Enter to win this AMAZING giveaway!

    • 1 Grand Prize Winner will win a $4,000 Cruise Vacation Package
    • 5 Second Place Winners will win a Nautica Men’s Fragrance Gift Package
  • Winners must be 18+

Nautica for Dad

The Dapper Dad

The Dapper Dad on Father's Day DSC03095 DSC03106

I am not an expert on what men want for Father’s Day. It is hard when year after year my husband tells me not to get him anything. I never listen and usually get him cologne or a tie, things he uses regularly. So when I received a pitch in my inbox saying, “Don’t get dad another boring tie this Father’s Day,” I felt bad. I get him a tie almost every year. When I asked my husband his reply was simple, why not. He uses them everyday for work and grow tired of the same ones so it is nice to get a new tie to spruce up an old suit or a pocket square (his next favorite accessory). That is why this year, his new tie (and pocket square) is from HOOK & ALBERT. Their newest collection also features a multi-purpose Garment Weekender Bag, Accessories Traveler Kits, Leather Cuff Bracelets and much more! I must say, I love the way this man dresses, he got a new (and inexpensive suit) in Barcelona that is just the most stunning blue, then he mixes a neutral striped shirt with a polka dot knit tie and plaid pocket square. Somehow it all works. So yeah, this Father’s Day, we aren’t getting dad another boring tie, we are picking up a few stylish ones from his new favorite line.

What’s on your guy’s wish list this Father’s Day?