Flying with Kids


When I first said I was going to Paris and Barcelona with my kids, most thought I was crazy. I am. A friends suggested that I leave behind the baby and take just my daughter but two weeks without my son in another country was not an option. If I can work full time with only part time help, I can make Europe work with kids. The plane ride, as I suspected was the hardest but here are a few tips to help you cope when flying with kids. 

Fly at night. 

My kids go to bed between 7:30-8:30 most nights so when my husband booked our flights, he booked the last one leaving O’hare at 10 pm. They may be overly tired and we should have flown out a bit sooner but it worked out, luckily. Keep them hydrated to ease the jet lag that is to come. 

Fly kid friendly. 

We flew Turkish Airlines. They provide baby beds for infants up to 24 lbs. My one year old made the cut. After a late dinner on the flight, which was delicious, and the baby finally fell asleep, we were able to put him in the bed and strap him down and sleep a bit ourselves. But let’s go back to the food which gave us a vegetarian option, kid and infant option. While our 5 year old had chicken and rice or nuggets with chocolate mousse and apple juice, our son had organic baby food, apple sauce and organic vanilla milk with cereal. Fancy huh? They also got coloring books and toys. Speaking of…


My daughter took her school bag which was meant to be her carrying on. In it we took her blanket (his was in the diaper bag), and a few things to keep her entertained. She packed 3 Barbies, a book, iPod, and crayons. She also packed her favorite cars to play with and a ken doll so he could play with her. However, Turkish airlines gives you head phones and everyone has an individual TV and can watch whatever movie or TV show they want. He watched Mickey Mouse and she finally saw Big Hero 6. 


Most airlines don’t give you snacks, Turkish Airlines does, including traditional Turkish candy immediately after take off. Yum. However, this was our first time on this airline so we didn’t know so we packed a few apple sauce pouches (no spoons needed) and individual to go peanut butter cups with crackers. 


Like I said, we packed their blankets but be sure to be comfortable yourself. I dressed in casual loungewear and took a few things for me for the flight. After feeding them and putting them both to sleep, we were able to lounge back and rest a bit ourselves. I took my new GO SLEEP, a pillow and sleep mask set that supports the head and neck while resting in an upright position. It was perfect for such a long flight and so comfortable, I’ve now made a home for it in the car for long weekend drives. I also took a lip balm and travel sized moisturizer in my purse to hydrate my skin in the air. 

What do you pack for long flights with kids? 

I was provided with the GoSleep pillow and mask set but was not compensated for this post. I recommend, whether sponsored or not only products that I truly enjoy. 

3 Easy Travel Ready Hairstyles

3 Easy Travel Ready Hairstyles

Off to Paris we go and after packing diapers for the little one, extra socks for my big girl, comfy shoes for the Mr and all the skincare my face can handle, I realized that I hadn’t put much thought into my hair. I mean, I am going to Paris and my hair had become an after thought. Then I remembered this book and in it, it mentions how effortless Parisian women are with their beauty routine. I decided a flat iron, a hair tie, a few metallic bobbi pins and my John Frieda Frizz Ease KeraFLEX hair spray will do. I don’t want to spend my trip locked in the bathroom trying to tame my  hair so I’ve come up with these three easy hairstyles for my trip to Paris. 

The Twist

3 Easy Travel Ready Hairstyles DSC02669 DSC02670


Start with two sections of the hair, spray each section lightly with the KeriFlex spray and twist. Make sure it is twisted in the same direction. Try in the back with a hair tie. 



3 Easy Travel Ready Hairstyles DSC02675 DSC02676 DSC02682


Grab a small section of hair as if you were to make bangs (or grab your bangs if you have any) and pull back. Secure with four metallic bobbi pins. Spray the sides down right at the root to have a more slick look. 


A Soft Bun

3 Easy Travel Ready Hairstyles DSC02686 DSC02685


Flip your head over and finger comb your hair, a brush will not give you the same results. Twist your hair into a bun and tie, twisting the tie only twice. You want it to be loose and carefree. Spray the sides, comb back and fasten with a metallic bobbi pin. 


To see these hairstyles in action and all the fun I am having on my trip to Paris (and Barcelona),
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This post is sponsored by John Frieda but as always words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep this site running. 

A Formal Dining Room For Informal Dinners

I refuse to call this a reveal since we all know, a home is never really done. I’m still looking for a small console for the the side, though I know which one I want, I just don’t want to pay so much and I need more art. Art is a bit personal and I want to take my time finding just what I want. So for now, this is the formal dining room. 

A formal dining room

I raised the curtain rods and got extra long drapes to add drama to the room. I got the silk panels at Pier One on sale and picked up these sheer panels at Ikea after I did something similar for a commercial shoot. They are $8 for two panels but once you iron them and hang them, they look more expensive which is great. 

A formal dining room

The table placemats and the vase is from HomeGoods and Marshall’s, my favorite spots for decor items.  DSC02652

The formal china was a thrift store find. I have a set for 8 for only $14.99. The decanter is a from a vintage shop in Chicago. It was on clearance for $10. One should always serve water in a glass decanter or pitcher, at least that is my take on even informal dinners. DSC02651

The wall mirrors are from Walmart and held up with heavy duty velcro. They are behind the door mirrors but I like them here instead. DSC02650 DSC02648

These frames where a buy one, get one free sale from Kohl’s and the artwork was pulled from a free download and printed at Walgreens. There are three more I plan on hanging under and the console I’d like would go here to serve as a bar station. A cart would be too small. 

We just changed all the windows and our back patio door to white from the wood that seemed to over power the home. Little by little, we will be changing the doors, frames and trim. It will really brighten and modernize the space. But for now, we are holding off as we plan on traveling more this year and doing minor updates elsewhere. 

What I Am Reading This Week

What I Am Reading This Week

I’m busy running around like a mad woman, packing, plotting and planning for our trip that I’ve barely had time for myself but today I was able to enjoy my coffee and catch up on a few things. Here is what I am reading this week. 

I finally finished this book I took out from the library. I may have to buy it. I loved it that much.

This maybe the best baby shower I’ve seen and don’t worry, the ideas translate to hosting parties in general. I’m having one on Sunday.

You guys thought I was kidding when I said motherhood was stylish. I, mean, Dolce & Gabbana knows that.

I spent a little time browsing this new digital last night actually.

My work elsewhere:

I’ve been bugging my husband for a new diaper bag. Like purses, I get bored and need variety. Guess which one of these I will be carrying.

Get Beautied with Laura Mercier This Weekend

As you know, despite everything I do, at the beginning of every season, I join my team at Laura Mercier to get everyone all beautied up all over Chicago. This Friday from 2-7 or Saturday from 12-7, I’ll be at Nordstrom’s Michigan Ave for the biggest beauty trend show of the season. Sit down with me and freshen up your skincare routine and learn the no-make up, make up look that is huge this Spring season. Or maybe you want to have a little fun, learn the 3-step smoky eye that anyone can do at home. Call the number below and book your appointment and be sure to request me. If not swing by and just say hello. Hope to see some of you lovely faces this weekend. 
Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show
Laura Mercier
The Shops at North Bridge, 55 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

A Day Date in Chicago


jacket: Target | scarf: F21 | gloves: Macy’s | shoes: Ash | bag: Ann Taylor

Mr. Garza and I caught a basketball game on Sunday. I got a special invitation from my friends over at Kia Motors and off we went to watch “Los Bulls”. We ate, drank, and were very merry since as working parents, it has been hard lately to find time just for us two. That was my favorite part. I love the time we spend with our kids, but it was nice to just be us for a few hours. It was also a bit of a relief to not have to carry around my giant diaper bag and exchange it for this one from Ann Taylor, the perfect day bag for a casual date in the city. This snake print bucket bag is insanely gorgeous and thankfully so lightweight, I almost forgot I was carrying one despite it holding so much.

My husband also got to take a picture with gorgeous cheerleaders so he was the happiest man on the planet. And the best part, hanging with “friends” that you knew online and finally meeting. I found a “tribe” of Chicago based Latina Bloggers. I knew we existed, I am friends with a few but now we are growing and I couldn’t be happier. I found my people. 


Check out these other fabulous Chicago based Latina Bloggers that I am so happy to have meet thanks to Kia

The Traveling Latina, The Healthy Latina, Boriqua Chicks, and Fashionlingual. Our new to Chicago gal PinkGuayoyo was in the house too by way of her super sweet husband and adorable son. Let’s get together soon chicas!