Tips on Motivation for a Healthier Lifestyle

In an effort to share with you more lifestyle content, I’ve reached out to a few former classmates and fellow moms who are active on social media and active in real life. I’m talking about getting fit and getting healthy. This week, Lorraina Brandsetter shares with us her weight issues growing up and her motivation on getting fit, something we all can relate to. 

Tips on Motivation for a Healthier Lifestyle

I have always been pretty self conscious as I was a bit “big boned” growing up. I struggled with my weight and finally, during high school, decided that I had enough. The teens years are crucial and unfortunately, my portrayal of weight loss then was more about image and popularity. Looking back, I’d change that point of view on weight loss to the one I have now, driven more by health than anything. Here are my tips on motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

Tips on Motivation for a Healthier Lifestyle

Try to make a little time for your even if it’s ten minutes.

I find time while my son naps but not everyone stays home so I recommend finding ten minutes during the day whether on a lunch break or after work, and sit in a quiet place. Another option is getting up a bit earlier or going to bed a few minutes later just to make sure you have time just for you.

Do smaller workouts.

I swear by squats, push-ups, and burpees. It is best to create a little routine and stick to it. I do three sets of twenty of squats and push-ups and then three sets of ten burpees. Burpees are a great total body workout, while squats focus on lower body and push-ups focuses on upper body and your core.

Do something daily that helps your health.

Drink a super food shake for example, one that not only has protein, but one that has vitamins, minerals, probiotics and antioxidants. Multi-vitamins are just as important after childbirth as it was during pregnancy. Lastly, drink a lot of water. The average is roughly 6-8 glasses a day. If you aren’t a big water drinker, try infusing your water with slices of fresh fruit. I, personally, love cucumber or lemon.

Keeping the weight off for me, always included diets, more than I’d care to admit, and of course, exercise. Then I ran into an old friend from school on social media. Until now, I had never had anything impact my physical and mental well being the way she did. She introduced me to beachbody and shakeology, these popular at home fitness programs and surprisingly delicious food shakes. In a nutshell, after giving birth, I struggled with weight loss just as I had in my younger years and unfortunately, depression because of it but doing this fitness program and doing a whole lifestyle change has taught me discipline while being able to enjoy eating. These 20-30 minute workouts got me back to being toned and losing inches off my body. Now I am able to enjoy life again and create a career out of this lifestyle.


Lorraina is a mom to a 13 month old and currently expecting a second. She is a fitness enthusiast and a Beachbody coach. For more tips or to get your fitness routine started, contact Lorraina directly at

2 Ways to Wear a White Button Down

We’ve reached the end of the road with my collaboration with Ensambl, the weather based personal fashion planner. I started out showing you how to transition your favorite summer pieces into fall looks and for the last two weeks, I’ve showed you how to wear your favorite work basics out in a mini series called “From Coffee to Cocktails”. Here, I show you 2 ways to wear a white button down.  


How to Wear a White Button Down

shirt: Target | shoes: J. Crew | skirt: Target | sweater: Target | necklace: F21 | bag: Vintage
DSC02079 (2) DSC02079 (1)

For daytime, I layered my shirt under a crop sweatshirt and a pencil skirt. These flats are my everyday throw ons and I couldn’t be happier with how comfortable they are.


how to wear a white button down

shorts: F21 | shoes: Payless | bag: BCBG | lipstick: Mary Kay | sunnies: Target | cuff: Charming Charlie

How to Wear a White Button Down white button down3For night I wanted to have a little fun so I let my hair down, threw on some faux leather shorts, heels, and of course a sexy red lip. Because a red lip makes everything sexy. 

For more information on Ensambl check out their blog and their Instagram filled to the rafters with amazing outfits. 



New Ways to Wear a Cardigan

Last week I asked you all what pieces you’d like to see styled for day and for night. I won’t lie, I was surprised that the responses were what I consider, staples and basics. Here is a confession though. Once I actually started picking out the pieces, I thought to myself, “how else can you wear a cardigan?” You see, it is a staple but it is usually thrown on after as a piece to keep you warm or to cover bare shoulders in the office. So here is my take for work. 


OpenToe Booties for Fall New Ways to Wear a Cardigan for Work New Ways to Wear a Cardigan for Work New Ways to Wear a Cardigan for Work

cardigan: NY&Co | dress: NY&Co | shoes: Payless | bracelet: Old*

First, make your cardigan your focal point. Find one with a fun print or a bold color. Then have your accessories play off of that using either a monochromatic scheme or complimentary colors like these fun orange bangles. I tied my cardigan on since usually it is belted but I’m so over that. 

NIGHTNew Ways to Wear a Cardigan

jeans: F21 | shoes: Nine West | necklace: Charming Charlie*New Ways to Wear a Cardigan New Ways to Wear a Cardigan New Ways to Wear a Cardigan

Can’t go wrong with jeans and heels. Have a little fun and put your cardigan on backwards. In fact, worn with a lace tank and a pencil skirt, my night look might work for the day. 

This has been part of a collaboration between and Ensambl, your personal weather based fashion planner. For more information, check out their blog or their instragram full of inspiration. Now go on, get dressed. 

*All items were pieces that I have had in my closet for years and I’ve held onto because I’m a clothes hoarder despite telling you otherwise. 

Avon Get The Look for Spring/Summer 2015

Avon Get The Look SS15

I know, I’ve been ranting about how obsessed I am with fall but after looking at some of the beauty looks on the runway this past fashion week, I think I might be able to get away with some spring beauty looks now. Here is the breakdown from Nicholas K Spring 2015 look created by Avon Global Celebrity Make up Artist, Lauren Andersen. What do you guys think? Check out for products and information. Avon Get The Look SS15

5 Ways to Effectively Work From Home

5 Ways to Effectively Work From Home

image source


Set your alarm.

I am not a morning person but I find myself feeling guilty and rushed by noon as I’ve spent most of my day getting ready to actually start it. Most deals are closed by 9am, if you are still in bed, you’ve already failed. Getting up earlier has helped me tremendously. I’m tired but I am building a coffee station into my home office so I think I’ll be okay.

Get dressed.

Working from home gives you a lot of flexibility. I can get coffee and take a break whenever but if I am still in my PJs then it doesn’t feel like a break, it feels like a day off. No one really wants to work on their day off. Wake up, shower, and get dressed. I have a bunch of fun knit dresses that feel so cozy I can sleep in them but I don’t. I put them on and head into my home office like I would an outside 9 to 5. 

Take it outside. 

I’ve been working on redoing my home office and it really feels like a place I want to go to but sometimes I need a change of scenery. My office is a room in the back of my basement with double doors to a bright room with beautiful decor. But it is still a basement. Taking it outdoors, a bookstore, or a coffee shop helps with creativity.

Work during work hours.

Some people work better at night then go for it but when you are on, be on. It is easy to get distracted by laundry and other things. My biggest downfall is my home. Since I am here, I am daydreaming of home decor. All. Day. Long. So during a coffee break, I head over to home sites and can get lost down the rabbit hole. You wouldn’t dare jeopardize your job by playing on paid time if you were in front of your boss. If you work for yourself, you are essentially stealing work hours and money from yourself. Stop it. 


Multitasking is great and I am great at it. I can feed my kids, update social, check emails and vacuum at once but it isn’t always the best option for my other work. I have started writing articles, planning shoots, planning looks etc and by the end of the day, I have a bunch of work started and nothing finished. Focusing on one task at a time allows me to feel as though I am getting the most done in the least amount of time and actually tackling my to-do list. 

How to Wear a High Waisted Midi Skirt From Coffee to Cocktails

How to wear a midi skirt

Last week, I showed you this shot and told you about another collaboration that starts this week with Ensambl in a mini series called From Coffee to Cocktails. So here you get to see how I make my daytime pieces work for an evening out starting with the high waisted midi. I snagged this one from Old Navy and it literally feels like wearing a pajama pant, it is that soft. How to Wear a High Waisted Midi Skirt


skirt: Old Navy | sweater: Club Monaco (similar) | belt: Vintage | cuff: Vintage 

How to wear a crop top How to wear a midi skirt How to wear a midi skirt DSC01941

top: Discovery (similar) | necklace: Loft | shoes: Prada 

Six months after having baby number two, I wore a crop top. It took a lot of falling off the healthy eating bandwagon and getting back on again but it’s getting cold so I’m just going to climb on down and get a crispy creme donut and go to town. Next week, per your requests I’ll show you the classic cardigan and the a basic white button up. 

 Be sure to check out the Ensambl blog and their Instagram for much, much more and download the app for your weather based fashion planner right at your fingertips.