5 Timesaving Apps for Busy Working Moms


5 Timesaving Apps for Busy Working Moms

How do you do it all? They always ask. My answer is simply, barely and I don’t. I can’t. But what I can do, I do with ease and help. From babysitters, grandmothers, husband, tribe, I have a huge support system in place. I also have a smartphone which makes life so much easier. Here are five apps I am using to help save time while I am working so I can use all that extra to try and be the best mom I can. 


I work from home but admittingly, I do not own a fax machine (ugh I don’t think most people do anymore) or a scanner (but porque and for why?). So when I get that email that says “please sign and fax back” I think really? Because…2015. With this app, I can read over contracts, sign, date, initial and email back quickly. I also do this during lunchtime while my monsters are eating and no one is the wiser. Best part, when someone says they haven’t had a chance to look at it but DocuSign has informed me that it was been viewed, I know in advance how this deal is going to go. 

Paperless Post

My daughter was going to have a “play date” party with the girls in her class for her birthday. Cupcakes and pizza and done! Easy right? Except it was less than two weeks out and I forgot to buy invites and had no desire to head to the store for 14 little paper invites. So instead, I emailed the moms free invites created on this app. Come my girlfriend’s birthday and the holidays, I can buy and mail out paper cards for less than a card would cost at the store, and they have Kate Spade. I never have to get off the couch. Win.


This app saved my life when I was pregnant with my son. We all know how cold December 2013 was with temperatures dropping below zero in the double digits. I wasn’t leaving my house so I signed up to do my groceries on Peapod. My first order was $15 off and I had a free shipping coupon. The next time, I ordered earlier enough and scheduled my delivery 4 days out and saved $4. Today, I ordered again using coupon code FALL2015 to get free shipping until December. Basically, there are ways to save more than just the one time and ultimately, the time saved not having to load two kids (soon to be three) kids in to the car to do groceries will save me an entire morning. As a busy working mom, that is huge!


In my business, I am dealing with more than one person and invoicing many. For the longest time, my system was manual and my bookkeeping was horrid. I was sending word document invoices but it wasn’t until I realized how many countless hours I spend following up, writing our my expenses and other boring jargon, as well as actually losing money that I decided I needed to sit down and look at the “boring” side of business. WAVE app was a way for me to invoice from my phone on the go, while also keeping track of my finances on desktop saving me an entire day of work that I could be sending with my little ones instead cutting my work week down a day. 


There is a huge difference between the two. One is free and the other charges $15. To me, that is huge. I use Hootsuite to schedule most if not all of my social media posts as of late. I haven’t been the greatest at it and in 2016 have planned to make a bigger effort but really social media can be a time suck and as a mom, I no longer have that time. Now, CoSchedule is an app that also helps with all of that, however, I personally have never used it but a lot of people in my industry swear by it and I am highly considering upgrading and making the switch as well so I felt it was worth the mention. 

Other moms on the go, stay at home master planners (because we can learn from you too) and working genies, what do you all use? Any recommendations are highly welcomed…this is something we all need to know. 

Styling the Bump to Match Your Playlist

Se Quien Tu Eres, Rockera Style

Usually in an office setting, you’ll have some noise in the background preferably music. Unfortunately, it is usually bad top 40s. I’m a rockerita, through and through. I live for Spanish rock. Always have. And I don’t mean Sharika (though to me, her pink haired days will always be her best). So in my office, I have to play Mana, La Oreja de Van Gogh, La 5a. Estacion if I’m in a pop rock sort of mood. I can rock out to Molotov still but my life is soooo different now (Youtube it) . My style in music has always inspired my style of clothing and my hair. I, too, once rocked the pink locks, the harsh black liner, the pierced nose, the tight black crop tops and painfully low, ripped jeans. I shutter now at the thought and at my unnecessary confession of said jeans. Not much has changed other than my rockerita style is more refined and polished with touches of my rebellious past. So this is my style (even with a baby bump) but I can get inspired by these awesome videos from Beauty Blogger and Expert, Kika Rocha who recently partnered with Walmart to bring you tips on how to achieve the perfect musically inspired look. And note, the pink hair is still okay in my book, except now I know better and focus on hydrating my locks to prevent damage. I love a natural deep conditioning consisting of olive oil but I don’t want my hair weighed down so alternate between treatments with TRESemme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner, for hair that isn’t weighed down but is still hydrated. 

Check out more from the campaign at Sé Quien Tú Eres at Walmart.


The Sweet Side of Entertaining

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I use to not want to cook, or host anything. The thought of it would give me anxiety. The more I started to dress up my home, the more I grew to love it, offering my home to host many family functions. Over the weekend, I got to host a few of our favorite people, my niece and nephew. My kids were excited to have them over and I thought we would take advantage and make movie night a bit more glamorous and get them ready for the holidays. First, I had to come up with a small kids menu that the whole family would enjoy. We started with a Brie cheese (my favorite, though thanks to this baby bump, could not enjoy) with a honey glaze to be served with honey wheat bread rolls. I just poured the honey glaze over the Brie and let our little guests serve themselves. My kids and my niece and nephew are half Mexican, their love of Jalapeños was genetic I suppose. Still, I used a dud. But the adults are really the ones who devoured this appetizer. 


Chop up a Jalapeño, I prefer a quarter of one versus a whole but if you want more kick, finely chop a serrano pepper. You can get more spice.DSC03910

Zest a clementine, You can use an orange but clementines are kid favorites so we always have one on hand. Squeeze the juice out of half. I made the mistake of doing the whole clementine and it made my glaze a bit runny but still delicious. DSC03912

I used Don Victor Honey, a steal at Walmart, is raw, filtered honey. You can find it in the Hispanic aisle. Also, the real honey comb is edible so I always cut of a bit a break it over the brie and glaze. It literally melts into your mouth, giving this appetizer an array of flavors and textures that makes you not want to stop eating. DSC03914 DSC03917

Next, we had wrapped beef franks and asiago sticks, a fancier version of the standard mozzarella sticks.

DSC03920 DSC03923 DSC03926

I decorated the table with scented pine cones, a subtle way to add a bit of holiday cheer (before the actual holidays) and candles. Now, the kids didn’t really eat at the “big people” table and took their plates to the breakfast nook so they can watch cartoons while they ate.

DSC03927 DSC03918

If you have any other honey recipes I should try, please share in the comments and check out Don Victor on Facebook.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Baby and Toddler Boys

Holiday Gift Ideas For Baby and Toddler Boys

My son was barely 10 months last Christmas but he enjoyed ripping apart (and chewing on unfortunately) the wrapping paper. We kept his first Christmas simple with a few pjs, a wooden train that he loves, and the classic Tale of Peter Rabbit in hardcover. This year as we plan on what to get our 1 1/2 year old, I’ve found a few options I thought would be great for little boys. 

Holiday Gift Ideas For Baby and Toddler Boys DSC03896


Bedtime reading is important in our home. Our daughter’s kindergarten teacher has even informed up that she is reading at a 2nd grade level. We love to encourage a love of reading and hope our son also develops it. New favorites include, Little Monkey Calms Down,Little Lion Shares, and Book-O-Beards.


Yes, I am that mom that believes at least one gift should be one of practicality. In this case, these Trumpet socks are not only practice but absolutely adorable. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer.


We are looking into a noise making train as he loves trains but he’s fallen in love with this blow up bouncy cow, Howdy also from Trumpet. It was originally meant for the new baby but current baby had his way once he saw it. Watching him with it just tells me it would be the perfect gift for any other child his age. 


My husband has a great pair of Bruno Cucinelli boots in brown that he wears fairly often in the winter. These Robeez boots for my little one to wear for parties and get togethers is the perfect pair for daddy and his boy to go “twinning” this season. While these aren’t made for hitting the snow, they are the perfect indoor (re: non-slip) boot you’ll ever find. 

What is on your holiday shopping list for little boys? 

All Black Maternity Style

All Black Maternity Style

shoes: Vince Camuto | dress: rented Bella Gravida | necklace: F21 (old) | nails: Essie

Yes, I love black. I love it even more now that I am pregnant. I’m not into the whole frilly looks so all black everything works for me. And in order to keep my style in tact throughout this pregnancy (and my love of all black looks) without breaking the bank, I signed up for Bella Gravida, a maternity subscription service that sends clothes straight to my front door. Check out more of my maternity style and my fab Bella Gravida pieces on InstagramAll Black Maternity Style All Black Maternity Style All Black Maternity Style All Black Maternity Style

I was not compensated for this post but I was giving a month subscription to try out the service for myself. I love it. 

The Little Black Dress of Holiday Beauty

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LookByMilani 

5 Minute Beauty

This month is a bit insane. I have a few work-related holiday events booked across town in the evening with meetings booked throughout the day. I need to look polished and put together with a look that works for both my daytime meetings and nighttime events. Due to time and traffic, I have no time in between to change my makeup (or wardrobe for that matter) so while I wear a little black dress during the day that I could rock at night, my makeup is also going to be the LBD of looks. Normally during the day, I wear mascara and brows. That’s it but I’ll have to create my evening look (that looks appropriate for daytime), make sure it lasts all day and I only have 5 minutes to do it because I have two kids! 


Here it is in 5 minutes, a complete look with a few amazing products from Milani Cosmetics. WARNING: the following pictures are me without makeup. Proceed with caution. ;) 

5 Minute Beauty We started with the eyes first. Primed with Milani Eyeshadow Primer which goes on completely invisible so it doesn’t alter the color of your shadow and I can work all day and then head out to a holiday event or party after without having to touch up. 30 Seconds.

5 Minute Beauty

Add all over shadow in a soft base color, sweep a soft mauve on lid with a slight shimmer and a brown in the crease. 1 Minute. 

5 Minute Beauty

Line the lash line with Milani Supreme Kohl Kajal Eyeliner and soften with brush. 30 Seconds. 

5 Minute Beauty

Fill in brows with Milani Stay Put Brow Color. This is more of a wax and while the brunette color was the darkest, it wasn’t dark enough for me so I mixed with a black shadow to get a deep but natural looking brow. The Stay Put literally helped my brows stay in place while the powder softened the look and my brows not only held up but helped make the look entirely. 1 Minute.

5 Minute Beauty

Then I applied a BB cream with my fingers and skipped concealer, something that I read in the Parisian Chic book so I stopped wearing concealer most days. Swept on blush and applied my new favorite everyday nude lip, Color Statement Lipstick Bahama Beige #55 by Milani. It felt more like a balm than a lipstick but gave great coverage and didn’t overpower. 2 Minutes. 

In five minutes, we achieved a full face that looks natural and put together that lasts all day and all night. Sure, it seems simple for a “holiday” look but it works with my lifestyle and I felt naturally glamorous with the LBD of beauty looks. Yes, life can be this easy. Cheers. 


Want to try the look yourself? Head over to CVS to pick up the products or enter to win below! This sweepstakes runs until 11/30 & prizes include a $500 CVS Gift Card and 2 $250 CVS Gift Cards! 

#LookByMilani – Holiday Looks with Milani at CVS

The Dos and Don’ts of Home Fragrances

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Creating a home after buying our house last year has been a fun and interesting challenge. Both my husband and I prefer neutrals and what is called “New Traditional” when it comes to decor. When we bought our first home in what seems like ages ago, I remember wanting a soft mint in the kitchen which was lovely but I had a mauve in the living room, which was also nice but it didn’t flow. My mother’s first reaction when she walked in was, “well, you are Puerto Rican.” It is true, we like color. However, in my own wardrobe I prefer classics and dark. When we decided to redo our new home, I wanted it to be more of a reflection of our personal style, something I think my husband and I have mastered. We wanted clean, sophisticated, classic and stylish. I did want to introduce and marry our styles with touches of our heritage by adding hints of color and the sweet smell of home. The think fragrances can easily transform and make over a home. I’ve mentioned many times that my husband loves fragrances so obviously, home fragrances are huge as well. As I am very finicky when it comes to scents, I decided to come up with rules to home fragrances. Here are a few dos and don’ts everyone should try.



DO find a signature scent. 

While I am not big on perfumes, wearing them only occasionally, I do love the scent of vanilla. I could burn the scent daily but my husband tires easily which brings me to my next do. 

The Dos and Don'ts of Home Fragrances

DO mix and match fragrances. 

My husband loves the beach, and my family hailing from the Caribbean and we do like tropical fragrances. I recently picked up Sunny Sands, a wonderful fragrant candle from American Home™ by Yankee Candle®. It is very reminiscent of the beach and fresh and the perfect pair to Warm & Happy Home, a musky and well, warm accents of clove. The two are very different but a great blend. 

DON’T light your candle near an open window. 

Fresh air is fantastic and I recommend airing out your home as often as possible. Granted as we are coming upon the winter months, it isn’t always possible but you should crack it every now and then. With that said, never light your scented candle near an open window. One, the next gust of wind will blow it out and two, that wonderful fragrance is wandering around outside and not in your home. 

DON’T use a scented candle to mask food. 

I made the mistake during my first pregnancy to use a floral scented candle to mask the smell of onions that was making me ill. To this day, unfortunately, I cannot stand that candle. Trust me food and your favorite candle will never mix. Instead, use a vent, air purifier, or crack a window and air out your home first. 

The Dos and Don'ts of Home Fragrances

DO mix with flowers.

Some flowers are extremely fragrant. On the side of our home are these really heavy branches that blocks the light from the dining room window. At first I wanted them gone until I not only realized they were blocking view the neighbor gets into our home but also very fragrant Lilacs. In the summer, I can snip a few and bring them in. But a great source of fragrance this time of year are roses. I prefer white but reds and pink seem to be extremely fragrant. 

The Dos and Don'ts of Home Fragrances

DON’T spend a fortune on candles. 

It seems like every industry person I know has the same designer candle that while nice, is also $50 plus. Meanwhile, I prefer something more cost efficient like American Home™ by Yankee Candle® which start at about $10 and up to $15 in the Home and Candle section of Walmart. But if you want to save even more,American Home™ by Yankee Candle® also has wax warmers, very inexpensive and do the job just as well.