My Capsule Wardrobe (Part One)

Capsule Wardrobe

Look one: stripe dress, JcPenney c/o | loafers: Naturalizer c/o

I have been slacking a bit on posting on Instagram all of my looks from my capsule wardrobe. Truth is, I have been having the worst morning sickness ever. I have never experienced such exhaustion with my first two, never felt such sickness, and over all, it has been rough. I have been bed ridden most days or at least a good part of the day. With that said, the easiest part of my day has been my attempt to get dressed. The fact that I have so little to choose from, I take about 5 minutes to dress myself before starting on the kids. Here are my first 10 looks that I shared on Instagram (I’ll share the rest next week). Remember I am using only 15 pieces, including shoes, to create my 20 look capsule wardrobe. 

My Capsule Wardrobe

Look two: soft top,  boyfriend jeans , sneakers (not shown), JcPenney c/oCapsule look7

Look three: jumpsuit, JcPenney ℅ | black tank, Target | ballet slippers, Tory BurchCapsule look6

Look four: boyfriend jeansdrape tankblack sandals, JcPenneyCapsule look5

Look five:  white tank, Old Navy | drawstring pant, Target | sneakers, JcPenneyCapsule look4

Look six: black tank, Target | drawstring short, JcPenney | black sandals, JcPenneyCapsule look3

Look seven: shirt dress and sneakers, JcPenney
Capsule Look2

Look eight: soft top and drawstring short, JcPenney | loafers, Naturalizer


Look nine:  jumpsuit, top, black sandals, Jcpenney IMG_0121

 Look ten: pants, Target | top, JcPenney | ballet slippers, Tory Burch

Special thanks to JcPenney for providing most of the pieces to my capsule wardrobe. Cannot wait to shop for fall! 

The 30 Day Skincare Challenge

The 30 Day Skincare Challenge

ZSS Skincare is the first of it’s kind, 2-part skin detox that uses the powerful “skin food,” Zeaxanthin (derived from orange paprika peppers) to promote healthy skin from the outside and the inside out. The line launched with a Radiant and Clear Skin Method, each contains a topical serum called Nutri-Serum™ and a daily natural supplement. Each method targets different skin concerns; the Clear Method targets adult acne and redness and the Radiant Method targets anti-aging and wrinkles.

The 30 Day Skincare Challenge

I actually got to sit down with ZSS Skincare, Emily Frank earlier this summer to discuss this new product. This was shortly after finding out I was expecting so unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the product myself. Though it could be considered safe, you should discuss starting any type of skincare program with your doctor first! I decided to enlist my own guinea pig to try out the product, my husband. He was to take the product for 30 days and use the serum. Here is how that went.

Day one and two: I gave him the vitamins and told him the serum would be in the bathroom for him to use. He never used it.

Day three-twelve: He never took the vitamins, mainly because I didn’t give it to him and the serum was never used. Mainly, also because I never put it on his face. You see a pattern here?

Day thirteen: I get annoyed and he starts taking the vitamins again.

Day thirty: The vitamins go untouched since day thirteen.

The 30 Day Skincare Challenge

So here is the deal, the product has rave reviews and so far, all who have tried the system, swears by it. But I want a first hand review so I want you to try it. Yes, I am looking for someone who simply wants fabulous skin, who can try the vitamins for 30 days while using the serum from the Radiant Skincare Method. Then just send me a note with a thumbs up or down. That is it! All you have to do is follow me on Instagram to be entered to win and I will personally send you my box! 
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How to Make An All Natural Cleaner

Homemade All Natural Cleaner

Homemade All Natural Cleaner

Homemade All Natural Cleaner

My nose has always been sensitive to strong odors and harsh cleansers something my mother in law and her darling son do not understand. She loves to clean everything with bleach and he loves dragging me to the perfume section of every upscale retailer. Honestly, I get dizzy and nauseous after. Even regular cleaning products, there are very few I can handle and now since becoming a mom, I worry about the chemicals my kids are inhaling. I’ve bought a few cleansers that are made with all natural ingredients or nothing too harsh but I can only get them when they go on sale. It is insane that what is better for you is so expensive. So I tried my own with good old fashion vinegar. My husband hated the smell because the vinegar did linger for hours, so I let orange peels soak in a sealed container for about two weeks with a cup of vinegar. I added a cup of room temperature water and done. No more lingering vinegar smell and a natural cleanser that is not only good for you but inexpensive as well. 

Have you ever tried making your own cleansers? 

My Half Bathroom Reveal

Since moving into our new home just last year, I’ve taken on a few minor projects and replaced all of our windows, a major project we weren’t planning on doing so soon. Unfortunately, during the winter, our heat would be at 78 and our home was still freezing. Then in May our basement flooded postponing fixing the first floor to fixing the basement, a project we still have yet finished. We did manage to get the first floor half bath done, sort of. We still have to change the door and the frame and get some art in there but for the most part, the major work is done and on a budget. First let me show you what this bathroom looked like before:

bath before

And now:

Half Bathroom Reveal

We changed the floors to this tile we found at Home Depot for $1.98 sq ft, which for a half bath meant under $100. The old sink was repurposed and will be used in the basement bath and this Kohler pedestal sink now sits here. I bought this off of my cousin when she was remodeling her main bathroom for $75. The faucet is an inexpensive find at Menards for under $60.

Half Bathroom Reveal

This mirror almost didn’t happen and has been a pain for my husband. I saw it a while pack for $70 at HomeGoods but the Nicole Miller mirror was chipped at the bottom. I contemplated if the chip could be fixed but my SIL insisted that it wasn’t worth it. I left with a heavy heart only to find it again months later is perfect condition for $49.99. Hanging it however went from using the existing hooks to screwing on new ones so the thing wouldn’t fall.

Half Bathroom Reveal


My husband put in the new lights from Lowes that was also under $100, toilet paper holder from Menards that was $15 and the towel bar was a clearance find at Target for $9.

Half Bathroom Reveal

The paint was the most daring part. Originally, I was going to go for a medium grey being safe but thinking about how I want my house to look in the end, this Jade Is The New Black color from the OPI Collection from Clark & Kensington available at ACE, reminded me of something out of Elle Decor. It was sexy but when the first coat when up I was worried and wondered if doing the whole bathroom was a mistake. I freaked a bit but once it was done, I loved how bold it was. Once we replace the ugly brown door and add some art, it will all come together. 

DSC03582 DSC03581

Add in the cost of installing the tile, painting and moving the wall pipes to fit a pedestal, this whole bathroom was under $900. We could have saved a bit by painting ourselves and installing the tile but we didn’t have the time and the workers who started our basement (and never finished) were here and at least did that. I cannot what to change the ugly brown door so then one room is finally, completely, dare I say, complete. 


Paint was provided by Clark & Kensington, available at Ace. I was not however, obligated nor compensated for this post. 

Lollapalooza Inspired Simple Recipes

Today kicks off Lollapalooza weekend and I’m missing it…again. I told my husband last year that I was going to matter what this year and to start booking sitters in advance. Unfortunately, with number #3 killing mommy with morning sickness and some dehydration, dancing it out in the heat isn’t a very good idea. Maybe next year. Instead, I’m going to try out these awesome recipes from Country Crook that were sent over to me. Because what else is a pregnant mom to do? Like with E, I’m trying to eat cleaner and a bit healthier so the less ingredients the better but I’m using Country Crook right? Right. It is made with the simple ingredients – plant-based oils, purified water and a pinch of salt. I can handle that. Here are two recipes I’m trying out inspired by this year’s fest. 

Lollapalooza Inspired Recipes

Bake It Out (Old-Fashioned Berry Shortcakes) – A clever remix of “Shake It Out” by Florence and the Machine.

Lollapalooza Inspired Simple Recipes

Shut up and Dip (Spicy Honey Roasted Wings) Inspired by “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon which also happens to be my favorite morning song, though my daughter would prefer I just shut up. Whatevs. 

*This is not a sponsored post, just one I thought I would share. Enjoy the weekend.


Moms’ Night Out

Moms Night Out Two nights ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner at Celeste thanks to Google Express at an event hosted by Alison Ray of So Chic Life. Let me tell you how fabulous it felt to finally get there after the crazy day I had. Dealing with all day “morning” sickness is the pits, and getting my kids ready to sit in traffic on the way to the sitter is just as bad. Moving to the suburbs was my idea and the best one I made for my kids but it is the worst for having a social life. To avoid traffic, I parked my car and hopped the Blue Line (the train) and then walked 5 minutes to the restaurant in epic heat. But it was worth it, the food, the new friends, chatting with old friends and discovering how easy my life could be with Google Express. With baby #3 on his or her way, it will only get harder but with Google Express you can order from a huge range of stores including Toys R Us (hello Holiday shopping) Costco (diapers and wipes) and Walgreens (cold season is just around the corner) and have it shipped to you quickly as in same day delivery*! Do you hear that? Yup, those are angels singing. 


The set up for a private dinner at Celeste was stunning and so chic that all I can think about was that I want a baby shower here. I don’t need gifts, I just want to gab and eat here all night!GoogleExpChi172

The rooftop was beautiful and while it was hot, the mocktails the bar made this momma kept me cool.  GoogleExpChi293

Nicole, The Beauty Girl’s reaction to my crop top at 12 weeks pregnant. I wore high waisted pants so it worked. Our last conversation ended with me telling everyone I was done having kids and then this happened. Unplanned but loved.  GoogleExpChi307

Nikia from Chitown Fashionista and I should probably not be seated near each other during events. Mainly because I have absolutely no “chill” and lack all behavior. I’m just proof women in their 30s are still fun and yes, I wore a crop top. GoogleExpChi492

Aside from the desert, this red lentil dish was one of my favs with a bit of lemon. Mmmm now I am hungry again. GoogleExpChi061

Special thanks to Krystal from Google Express and Alison of So Chic Life, a moms night out was truly needed. 


A few of Alison’s favorites in our gift basket, all items you can order through one of the many shops through Google Express.**

All photos by the fabulous Alyssa Schukar!

*Unfortunately, this is another downfall of the suburbs as they only deliver to Chicago proper for now. Thankfully my family is still in the city and will gladly hold and hide my holiday purchases!

** I was given a gift card to try out Google Express for myself and a code for you to try, EXPRESSCHICAGO for $25! But it is capped at the first 2,500 shoppers so hurry you lucky city chicas you!

A Fun Outdoor Space for Kids


When we moved into our home last year, we wanted to do so much to our backyard by this summer. We had hoped for a new patio, a play set for the kids, a hammock by the tree, a fire pit, a garden, etc. The list was long, very long. Then we bought new windows because the old ones weren’t cutting it and my husband insisting on some wall changes in the family room, our vacation of a lifetime, and our basement flooding meant that our backyard will have to wait. Maybe next year? Well, now there is a new baby on the way. Maybe the following? Truth is, my little ones may not be so little for so long so I improvised and added my bistro set by the tree so I can enjoy some coffee in the shade, next to the Cape Cottage from Little Tikes that my kids absolutely love. It may not be the massive swing set my oldest had hoped for, but it still fun for her and a blast for my 1 year old. She entertains herself playing soccer and frisbee with her dad while my youngest runs around. But his favorite is the Fish ‘N Splash Water Table. He loves playing with water and while bath time may be his favorite, playing outside pretending to Fish in the summer heat is a close second. Maybe next year we can have some swings to add to our yard and our veggie garden at least. Making a home takes some time and we will be here for a while, but at least we have a few things to make what is left of the long summer days a bit more exciting. 

A Fun Outdoor Space for Kids